Third Party Reviews

Bobby Livengood | September 25, 2018 |

"I was new to the area and was lucky to go into this sports clips and meet KASEY who is amazing at what she does i will only let her cut my hair from now on. 10/10 ask for kasey she will hook you up!"

Ashley K. | August 22, 2016 |

"So my boyfriend has gone to this one a few times and he had a great experience. Until Sarah was his barber... She has very poor customer service. She didn't say a word to him the entire time she was chopping his hair. He asked for a fade and she buzz cut the sides. (He was going for the long hair on top) she then took a chunk out of the back of his head and didn't say a WORD. She washed his hair, gave him a towel and told him to dry it, and didn't get him a foot rest. So to sum this up, she took a chunk out of the back of his hair, and buzz cut the sides. When she was all finished she didnt show him anything. For obvious reasons... And let him go about his day like nothing was wrong. Well when I came home, I could tell right away it was messed up. Sarah is a horrible barber and and even more horrible at customer services, since she let my boyfriend leave the store knowing she had really messed up his hair. She messed up so bad we had to cut all of his hair off to a 1 (because that's what his "fade" was at) he's been growing his hair out for a year. I'm baffled that she would even let a customer tip her and let them leave with such a messed up hair cut. DO NOT LET SARA AT THIS LOCATION CUT YOUR HAIR. HER NAME IS SARA, DONT GO TO HER."

Andy D. | September 15, 2018 |

"I ask every time for the collar of the cape to be as tight as possible to prevent hair getting into my clothes. This last visit I got so much hair on the back of my shirt it was ridiculous! It got all over my cloth truck seat. Most of the time my experience here is 5 star service. I even gave her a tip! Don't ask for Kenzie. Pretty good at cutting hair but careless in many other aspects. Pushed the Luke warm towel nearly off my face when washing my hair. When I mentioned that it was barely hot enough she ignored that and kept going instead of making it right. This was a bad experience for me. It was a bad experience last time she cut my hair too. I just can't remember the names of everyone there. Kasey and Jacqui are my favorites.....Belinda is too. So I just payed them another visit just to get a clean-up from one of my favorite stylists and was rejected with a resounding "no"by the same girl Kenzie that cut my hair last time (RE: the initial review). A "no" to something as simple as that gets a recurring and resounding "no" from me as a customer. I spun on a heel with an "okay" and walked out. Say goodbye to my patronage Sport Clips of Mukilteo. Sorry, but you need to either train Kenzie to get with it or get lost. It's too bad one weak link on your staff creates such a response."

Johnathan M. | September 14, 2018 |

"First of all i want to say this place is not a barber shop no matter what your phone tells you cause the workers told me themselves that they are not. Now for my review i just moved to Washington from California so im looking for a barber i took my nephew to closest barber that my iphone told me to go to when i got there the place looked really nice even had the game on when it was my nephews turn i told them i wanted him to get a 2 on the top and a bald fade the lady looked at me in so much confusion its like i was speaking a different language so i then had to explain to her what i wanted fine then when she was done my nephew came to me and the horror i saw was like no other his hairline was so slanted that it look like a roller coaster i said no i sent him back to the chair i told her i wanted a hairline a straight one she then looked at me in confusion and i had to run my finger down his forehead to show her how crooked it was she apologized and tried to fix it when he came back it was a lot better but it still wasn't straight i then told her if there was anyone that worked there that could do a simple hairline she then got frustrated and said that she didn't know what i wanted from her i then said fck it im going to take him somewhere else before she makes it worse and her excuse to me was that they aren't a barber shop i then went to pay and she charged me full prive for a haircut that was so terrible i could of done at home and come out with the same result i dont remember her name but if you are reading this dont let the blonde lady cut your hair"

Jacob Anderson | August 20, 2018 |

"Had a bad haircut last time I was in, lady named conni she didn’t listen to anything I said and only talked about her personal life which made it uncomfortable.. she took forever to even finish the cut and then tried to charge me for a different service"

Tony Williams | August 15, 2018 |

"Friendly staff and very good at listening to what you have in mind."

Vicente Newcomb | July 30, 2018 |

"This place is awesome. $24 for haircut with shampoo wash included and a massager chair to sit in while they shampoo your hair after cutting it. They also do touch ups after the shampoo to double check their work. Oh yeah you also get a hot towl on your face while they shampoo to help you relax. They legit know how to cut hair as well. I'm super happy with mine it looks pretty great."

Blake Simmons | May 01, 2018 |

"Mukilteo is the way to go! After reviving a couple bad expiernces in shoreline I will not go back to that one they were unprofessional, dirty store, etc. I’m not going to bother going on. I stopped by mukilteo (referred to location) I was greeted by very friendly staff and didn’t have to wait long and bonus they listen to what you want!"

Logan Tennis | April 09, 2018 |

"Friendly employees that know how to cut hair and been doing so for years. Very pleased and will be back!"

Max Yudich | March 26, 2018 |

"Was rude and seemed annoyed. Looked like she was in a hurry. One of their superiors walked into the building and the two ladies cutting hair (mine and someone else’s) kept pausing the job to discuss if they should mention a matter to their superior and all the employees seemed freaked out that this individual walked in. Ended up cutting hair off the top of my head without asking how much to cut off, and ended up cutting my hair too short. Last few experiences here were bad, and this was my last time coming here. Response to owner: It isn’t your fault at all. It’s the people that work for you. This was months ago and there was so much error in this haircut that day that my hair hasn’t grown back correctly. I’m extremely disappointed with the service. I almost wanted to ask for a refund for the haircut and my tip."